We are a global non-profit organization that supports good causes and positive change all over the world. With running. With solo running. We collect funds to support directly the scientific centers and companies which are trying to develop vaccines or cures for the diseases.

Our Mission
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Three general groups for each illness

Rapidly and effectively detecting the disease. Time is the factor number one. Without widespread testing, it has been difficult to precisely follow the spread of the infection, just as pin down significant measurements, for example, infectiousness and death rates. Scientists and governments are searching for inexpensive test kits that offer quick results. If you can test the wide population quickly, you can determine the red zones and act with an immediate response.

WHO reference laboratories providing confirmatory testing for COVID-19

Diagnostic testing for COVID-19 is critical to tracking the virus, understanding epidemiology, informing case management, and to suppressing transmission. Below is the official WHO scientific centers that work with COVID-19 virus.

WHO COVID-19 Reference Laboratory Network

France, Paris -  Paris Institut Pasteur

Germany, Berlin - Institute of Virology, Charité and Robert Koch Institute

Italy, Rome - National Institute of Infectious Diseases (INMI), L. Spallanzani

Switzerland, Geneva - University Hospital of Geneva

Netherlands, Rotterdam - Erasmus MC Department Viroscience

United Kingdom - Public Health England

Search for the vaccine

The availability of a safe and effective vaccine for COVID-19 is a must to control of the pandemic. There are many challenges and efforts needed to rapidly develop, evaluate and produce the vaccine as soon as possible. It is vital that scientists evaluate as many vaccines as possible as we cannot predict how many will turn out to be viable.

Develop and evaluate candidate vaccines

1. Harnessing a broad global coalition to develop and evaluate candidate vaccines as quickly and safely as possible

WHO’s core function is to direct and coordinate international efforts through:

  • Global collaboration and cooperation;
  • Development of robust methods;
  • Working to accelerate progress and avoid duplication of research efforts;
  • Coordinating an unparalleled effort to rapidly and simultaneously assess many vaccines.

 WHO is facilitating interactions between scientists, developers and funders to support coordination, and/or provide common platforms for working together. It is combining the relative strengths of different stakeholders. It has used its global mandate to rapidly convene 300 scientists, developers and funders to increase the likelihood that one or more safe and effective vaccines will soon be available to all.  Activities are being delivered at extremely high speed with many steps executed simultaneously.

Source: World Health Organization

Diagnostic companies
Treatments drugs
Vaccines in Trials
Vaccines in pre-clinical stage

Vaccines in clinical trials

Once a safe and effective vaccine becomes available, it will be vital that it is accessible to everyone who needs it. WHO will continue to work to align R&D, fast-track regulatory approvals, and manufacturing so that all populations in all countries can access a vaccine as early as possible.

The centerpiece of the world’s research response is a globally agreed scientific R&D Roadmap for COVID-19, which details steps for current and future work. Over 120 vaccines have been proposed across the World Health Organization there are in various stages. The below list is the most advanced research which brings hope to the world. The Runningstars.org is collecting funds for the researchers in need. After the campaign, we will allocate the necessary funds to those who need it most.


Type of candidate vaccine

Developer Current stage of clinical evaluation/regulatory status- Coronavirus candidate Start Date
Non-Replicating Viral Vector Adenovirus Type 5 Vector CanSino Biological Inc./Beijing Institute of Biotechnology China flag
Phase 2
Phase 1
10 April
17 March
Non-Replicating Viral Vector ChAdOx1 University of OxfordUK flag
Phase 1/2
23 April
DNA DNA plasmid vaccine
Electroporation device

Inovio PharmaceuticalsUS Flag

Phase 1
3 April
Inactivated Inactivated

Wuhan Institute of Biological Products

China flag

Phase 1
10 April
Inactivated Inactivated + alum


China flag

Phase 1
13 April

BioNTech/Fosun Pharma/Pfizer

US Flag

Phase 1/2
Approved, not yet started
RNA LNP-encapsulated mRNA


US Flag

Phase 1
3 March
BCG Live Attenuated Virus (LAV) Erassmus Medical Center NetherlandsNetherlands flag Phase 2/3 14 March
BCG Live Attenuated Virus (LAV) Mudroch Children Research Institute Australiaaustralia flag Phase 2/3 27 March

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